une jeune personne pioche une carte face à son piano

What is Miros?

A musical card game to boost the motivation and creativity of each student.

More fun music lessons. More relaxed homework sessions.

Help your child become independent with the Miros digital diary.

More visibility and better work habits for even faster progress.

The easiest way is to try!
A person playing the Miros card game, writing on a blank card
A young pianist playing her instrument with the Miros card game
A young musician handling cards sitting at a piano
A person playing the Miros card game, writing on a blank card
A young pianist playing her instrument with the Miros card game
A young musician handling cards sitting at a piano

Learn music like you learned to speak

When a child learns to speak, they play with sounds, noises, words and then sentences, long before learning the rules of grammar in school.

In music, we often learn the theory, notes, rhythms or technique early on before we have even had a chance to explore or play freely with our instrument.

Several scientific studies prove it, we must learn by having fun and exploring the musical world, before fixing our knowledge.

With Miros, learn music like you learned to talk. Play with sounds, rhythms, notes and melodies, the rules will come later.

Now let's get to work!

Many music students find it difficult to motivate themselves daily to work on their instrument...


Working on an instrument is often seen as an extra task outside of school when it should be a fun time.

The Miros card game allows the student to work, improvise or compose in a fun way. The digital diary allows them to set goals according to their needs and desires and to vary their work sessions. These different tools allow students using Miros to have fun on a regular basis and to keep their motivation in the long term.


Parents do not always have the time, energy or knowledge to accompany their children on a daily basis.

The Miros card game as well as the digital diary reinforce the role of parents by offering them simple solutions to use regularly with their children, thus reducing the sources of conflict at home.


Music teachers often have little time and few tools at their disposal to make the lesson truly fun for the student.

Strengthen the bond with your students with Miros. Use the card game as a warm-up or as a reward at the end of class. Work on different exercises through the game and customize it to fit your teaching style.


Music schools often have little visibility into the student body and its evolution over time, thus limiting the possibilities of improving their services.

The Miros diary provides a simple and useful digital transformation for all and better visibility on all your students. Using a common tool such as the Miros card game will also foster collaborative opportunities between your various teachers and students.


The card game

The benefits of Miros?

1 - Fun and easy to use, everywhere!

Have fun in different contexts, at home or during a class, as a warm-up or as a reward after a work session. Miros is a complement to learning music and you can always adjust the difficulty and time of the game thanks to the different single and multiplayer modes. Playing an instrument is good, being able to play with your instrument is even better!

2 - Adapts to everyone

Miros is an inclusive game for all instruments and is also designed for students with learning disabilities. The card game also allows non-musician parents to accompany their children more regularly. Miros was designed to accommodate different styles of music and teachers without interfering with the course or curriculum of the school.

3 - A motivational boost

In our first test, students who used Miros in class and at home increased their overall motivation level by +63.1%. This represented about 10 minutes more per work session. If you are a teacher, Miros will allow you to vary the content of your lessons to bring novelty and fun to your students, whether they are beginners or not.

4 - Let the artist in you express itself

Share and develop your creativity through the game or by creating your own challenge cards and ideas using the customizable cards. If you are a music teacher, you can adjust the game to your teaching style and transform your exercises by integrating them into Miros. In order to preserve students' self-esteem and not to take more than a few minutes in a music class, Miros does not include a point system. With Miros, trying is winning!

5 - A game at the service of education

Miros allows you to work on improvisation, composition, knowledge of the instrument and instrumental technique, rhythm, theory, ear development, graphic scores, interpretation, group playing, collaboration and communication, while promoting critical thinking, autonomy and knowledge transfer. A game yes, but educational!

The diary

Take the time to adjust your pace with our digital diary!

Miros smartphone application
Léa | Pianist

This week

  • 4 work sessions.
  • 18 minutes on average.
  • Works mainly on reading, rhythm and improvisation.
  • Motivation level 5/5!

Optimize homework sessions with your child!

Avoid boredom, routine and conflict by varying the content of each session and adjusting the goals according to your child's needs and desires. You may not need more time, but you do need to learn how to use it better. Our diary is there to help you. It is often easier to motivate yourself to move forward when you know where you are going!

Develop each student's independence.

The goal of music lessons is to eventually be able to continue learning on your own and playing the music you love. Establish good work habits from the start while giving your child more freedom.

More visibility for all.

It is always motivating and rewarding to be able to look back and see how far they have come. Show students their progress over time on the Miros Log to encourage them! Students complete their logs and observe their progress completely anonymously and without fear of being judged in order to maintain their self-esteem. Teachers and music school management will have access to the data of a group of students but not individually.

A quick and easy digital transformation for schools.

There are different types of students and teachers in a music school and sometimes there is a big gap between the generations and the technologies used in class. Stay up to date by using new technologies in a simple, fast and secure way. Fine-tune your services with a global view of your school.

A word from the creator

"As a professional musician I wanted to quit music several times in my career and my parents had to force me to work very often. What kept me going was the desire to explore, share and really play with my instrument. I wish today that all students could have this chance from the beginning of their learning." Joris Favre

Joris Favre, creator of the game Miros

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